Saxophonist with Brian Blade's Fellowship Band

"Jarod Bufe has been doing fantastic work on my tenor and soprano saxophones since 2011. He takes joy in making sure that my saxophones are operating at maximum efficiency. He also goes the extra mile to make sure my horns are not only problem-free but also responding to my specific needs as a player. Jarod is a true master craftsman who approaches woodwind repair as both a skilled technician and a gifted artist. There's no one in Chicagoland I trust more with my instruments. I am delighted to recommend him most highly!"

Ropeadope Recording Artist
Producer Sony/Columbia Records
Yamaha, D'Adario, and Jodyjazz Clinician

"Jarod and I have been friends since 1997. He always goes through my main Yamaha tenor prior to tours and recording sessions, and always trouble shoots issues quickly. His repair work is the best of the best, and he is also a great saxophonist. I can not recommend Jarod highly enough. To date, Jarod has repaired or overhauled over 30 saxes in my vintage collection including gold Art Deco Conns, 10Ms, 12Ms, 30Ms, Bueschers, Martins, King Silversonics and Saxellos, and Selmer Mark VIs and SBAs. Thanks Jarod!"

Noted Recording Artist
Professor of Saxophone at Elmhurst College
Selmer Paris and Vandoren Clinician

"I've been going to Jarod for the last 8 years, and he is a fantastic repairman. I'm always confident when I leave his shop that my horns are in tip-top shape and will stay that way. He does very meticulous work. Find out for yourself - it doesn't get any better! He's my man!"

Distinguished Research Professor Emeritus, Northern Illinois University

"Jarod’s insight and skill with instrument repair are unsurpassed. I trust him to do what is best for my saxophones and, at the same time, know that he will work with me on unique details that I prefer."

Noted Saxophonist and Composer

"Since 2007, I've been extremely fortunate to have had all of my saxophone repair needs met by a true master-craftsman, Jarod Bufe. On our first meeting, I sought him out to completely overhaul my Selmer Super Action Series I and I was more than happy with the work that Jarod performed. My horn still plays great, seven years later!  Even though I live in the NYC area, I always come back to his shop in Downers Grove, IL. I highly recommend Jarod Bufe to anyone that might need repair work done on any woodwind instrument."

Saxophonist with Chicago Jazz Orchestra
Instructor at St. Charles North High School

"Whenever I pick up one of my instruments from Jarod, I’m inspired to play!  He gets my instruments set up so that I am able to play what I hear in my head and I don’t have to fight the instrument. As a performer himself, Jarod is uniquely qualified to understand how a “player’s horn” needs to be set up. Also, knowing that it’s as, or even more, important for a student instrument to be set up properly, Jarod takes the same care and pays the same attention to detail with student instruments that he does with professional ones. I recommend Jarod to all of my woodwind brethren as well as my students."